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             Amawalk Horsehair - A Novel of Intrigue

               "Little Tubby" and his pickled eggs!  
                        Toady and unicycles!  
                               Oh, Annie.

"A found manuscript details the saga of an eccentric
inventor who leaves behind a baffling trail littered with
genius, deceit, deception and murder. A trail which
comes to visit the inventor's grandson and thrusts him
into a bizarre thirty - five year odyssey."

"If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how
shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?" (The Gospel
According to ST. JOHN, Ch 3, Verse 12).

                         Coming here:
"Amawalk Horsehair", "Eastbound Four" and "Ipdown Roses" ( all available
through Barnes& .  ieyetouch will be serializing  portions of
those  novels and excerpts from the unpublished, "God Does Not Cry" and
"Flock of Dead Doves" , together with a few short stories.

                          Amawalk Horsehair                                         
copyright 1996

Author's Note -  Benton O. Hadley  was separated from his sailboat
and is presumed to have drowned in a strong gale which hit the
Venezuelan Basin on September 12, 1993. The gale raged for almost
three days. Four vessels, including a Norwegian freighter: sunk
with all hands lost.
 The manuscript which follows was written in
Hadley's hand
. It was discovered in a Caracas apartment rented by
the late Herman Gunther Krock. It is published here verbatim
together with Hadley's sketches with permission from Benton
Hadley's estate trustee. Benton Hadley had no heirs.  An auctioneer
retained to dispose of Southdown Farm found the "Position Locator",
which Hadley wrote of, in the farm's root cellar. The lens contained
in the Position Locator is believed to be a smaller version of what
Hadley termed the "Proto-Lens". It is currently being analyzed  at
the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. It is expected to then go
on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.  This
author attempted repeatedly to contact Richard Nixon before his
death concerning Benton Hadley's report of a 1959 meeting in
Washington during which the questioned photographs of  

celestial bodies were discussed. All attempts to speak with Mr.
Nixon were rebuffed.

 Benton O. Hadley's

                                  Written July 3, 1993
                                    September 12, 1993
 Northern Light                                                        
    I dedicate this manuscript to corporate crooks
      and government fools, without whom there
              would be far less to report here.

My name is Ben. Benton O. Hadley to be precise. I am not a writer. But I am going to try my
best to record here what has happened. Grandfather's legacy. William Hadley. Born in 1887.
Still influencing my life 35 years after I held his hand in the Tarrytown Hospital in June of 1958.
Still a presence as I sit here in the cockpit of my 36 foot clipper ketch
Northern Light in
Portland Harbor; getting ready to make a run for it; to leave behind, as best I can, all of the
bizarre events and people.

Last night I found the elusive Jabberwalkie.

At least six people died directly or indirectly as a result of my grandfather's legacy. And it is not
stretching the truth to say that I could have been, and yet may become, number seven. And
there are some who would argue that Grandfather William Hadley was responsible for
thousands of deaths. But, I can't buy into that.

I don't know whether I am or should be most concerned now about the nimrods in Washington,
particularly Gumshoe Dick, as Annie and I fondly refer to him; or Herman Krock, the German
born cook from Boy Scout Camp, who is angry, greedy and, I'm convinced now, certifiably
crazy. Tuck Ellis is a slice or two short of a loaf, but I don't expect him to cause me any more
problems. But who knows?

I've run down the boat check list. Annie is ready and so am I. Portland, Maine to Venezuela,
2154 nautical miles. I've plotted a course that will take us and
Northern Light east by southeast
between Cape Sable Island to the north and Georges Bank to the south, approximately 200
miles offshore. Then we will run down toward Bermuda. Whether we stop there or bypass
Bermuda, I will have to decide. It will depend on a lot of factors, including weather; but my
principal concern is that anyone after me could catch up with me in Bermuda. Hence my guess
is that I will make a straight shot from Portland to the Caribbean, the island of St. Martin, a
passage of about 17 days; reprovision there, and then skirt the windward islands to the south,
maybe stopping at Grenada, before bearing off to Venezuela. Who knows?

Venezuela is cheap, cheap! The $35,000 I made on the soybean options (thank you for that
Grandpa Hadley, I forgive you!) won't last forever.

God, it's cold for July. But, as they say, a change in latitude will bring a change in attitude - and

Sails are set, anchor's aboard. We're off. Got to go.

Goodbye Little Tubby. Goodbye Nuki Niki and Shaboo.

I am a servant of the Holy One.

Northern Light
Portland, Maine
July 3, 1993

(Editor's note: for reader ease in following the chronology, we have applied
sequential chapter numbers to each of Benton Hadley's  manuscript entries. The title
headings for each entry are  his.)     

The irascible "Little Tubby"

"If I have told you earthly things,
  and ye believe not, how shall ye
believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?"
The Gospel According to ST. JOHN,
      Chapter 3, Verse 12
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