it's okay to be you.
w.c. holden iii
songs of a dreamer
"They built  tracks between Vienna and Venice
before there was a railroad. They knew a train would
Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun
                                                                 " Monday  30 September 1996"  
"Last  day of September and a day so spectacular in it's Fall beauty that I broke many times from my
work outside to just sit and gaze in awe. The wind came northwest early and hard and the air was
crisp and clean and clear. The water and shores and trees sparkled as they do only  in Fall. The tower
black and white shined like a brightly polished brass bell and reflected the sun."
                                                   "Thrs, 2 July 1998"
"(It is beautiful out right now. But my body is stiff and sore all over. Early dinner
and early bed tonite. Oh, that surf ---- sounds and color; silence, then rumbling,
then escalating rumbling, then a crash, spray 20 feet in the air, hissing, hissing,
hissing, then a gentle sound of swirl, like puddles, to be repeated over and over.
This is now no joke."
                                                                                        "Thrs 2 July 1998"
"People talking in the the summer kitchen/beer parlor right now. Sun streaming through the windows of the sun
room, surf going crazy, duck still setting sitting. Sheets of slaging water surging over road- mapped craggled
rocks, crags running the compass, all directions, water sheets of spreading glass tucking to bed, coming in and
then going home.
Sun skidding, Cadillac blue, Turtle Island trees black, moon coming half, sun north of Cadillac, past Spectacle,
settling down over Ironbound. Going and gone.
Duck gone."