threw on another stern line. Should have moved the boat (to face south) or put it on the
mooring, but too lazy. Rollers coming in, float getting pushed around, boat lines hollering, ramp
squealing and squeaking.

+ Where is Bob Collier?  North ways supposed to go in (last month?).

+ Lay down on the couch in the music room @ approx 3:30. Continued w. "Orphan Island" and
fell asleep. So it goes.

+ What to cook for dinner on my new stove?

+ No kitchen pump water (no cistern water - end off of gutter --> water to ground)

+ Several climates here (hot, warm, chilly & damp, cold all at same time, depending on where
you are on the island)

+ Horseradish competing with rhubarb behind outhouse. Horseradish almost 5 feet tall (must
love peat & inattention!)

+ Put food (brought out yesterday) away, marking date of purchase on everything.

+ What shall I have for dinner?

+ Want to get this place cleaned up! Filfthy!  Jenny and friends coming. (Did downstairs
bathroom sink this a.m. Big deal. Get moving.)

+ Saw Outward Bound Hurricane Island pulling boats heading thru cut between Turtle and
Spectacle Island this morning. Wonder where they stayed last nite. Probably just east of Frazer
Point, out of the weather. They seem to know where to tuck into. Just find a lee behind a point.

+ Lighthouse sightseeing boat coming round, blowing its fog horn @ 4:30pm. Heard but couldn't
see. Climbed the tower. Finally  made it out, slow moving between Mark and the Schoodic
shore. Only an outline. Probably cameras out anyway! Looking for the wingnut living in the

+ Only one (kitchen) storm window off and screen up.
Mon 13 July 1998 continued
william c holden iii
Missing Oil Lamp
enamel on board
"To Rafael his art was far more than a
profession, it was the way he conducted his
life. His art, his possessions, his philosophy,
and his humor were quite inseparable."

    Nick Bantock,  
The Forgetting Room