Above and below: a few paintings from my brief foray into the tedium (for me) of
watercolors, before moving on to larger format, enamel on board. I was clearly
searching for greater expression; a methodology and medium in which I could
enjoy the "process" more. I found it by blending abstraction with representation
using the enamel on large boards. I also found that, for me, everything is "fixable"
with enamel and board (though I do find "unintended results" exciting.....when I like
the "results"). When I began searching for a few watercolors to post in Lighthouse
Diaries, I was surprised at the number  I actually produced in a short period of time
before moving onto enamel on board.
william c holden iii
william c holden iii
"For a life in the past cannot be shared with the
present. Each person who gets stuck in time
gets stuck alone."

    Alan Lightman,  Einstein's Dreams