SUNDAY 9 - 29 - 96 (continued)

When I was ashore last week, i went to Alan and Kathy Nauss's
for dinner. had a nice time and good conversation. On the way
back to Bunkers Harbor, I remembered that Radio Station FM
103.7 out of Bar Harbor was broadcasting live from the Cat's Paw
Tavern in Birch Harbor. I stopped for a beer and wound up
plugging "Amawalk Horsehair" on the radio and doing an
impromptu book signing. It was fun.


Here is the close-up list I drew up when I was ashore last week:

1. storm windows and doors on (and close storms upstairs) -
note - northern most window on east side in dining room leaks
water into room even w. storm on: caulk (around top of storm
and on top of eyebrow)

2. tower walkway door secured and weather-stripped

3. drain attic water tank, open all faucets (bathrooms, kitchen),
antfreeze in sinks, toilets & tub traps; empty toilet tanks, drain
hot water heater, defrost refrigerator (shut off propane first)

4. drain cisterns with hose siphon into ocean - DO NOT drain into
basement (by pulling plugs) or around foundation.
Amawalk Horsehair, my second
novel, published in early 1996.
5. hook-up flexible hose (in oil house) to downspouts and lead away from house to ocean (so water
from roof flows into ocean and NOT around foundation)

6. little dory and rowboat into boathouse (install padlock)

7. store/remove (a) food (b) writing material & other in small bedroom (c) fishing rods (d) shop tools
(oil and box-up first) (e) Rust Converter (can not freeze) (f) Books and memorabilia in music room

8. storm window cover on boathouse east window

9. move inside - cart, wheelbarrow, ladders, etc

10. secure outhouse & oil house doors

11. clean and dry table top Katadyn water filter

12. store ramp & float (in Winter Hbr?) and mark/paint "WHL" to identify

13. remove/drain check valve from hose in cistern under kitchen

14. new kerosene refrig from marina to island

                             PROJECT I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT TO USE
                                WATER SURGE TO GENERATE ELECTRICITY:

Keeper's house,
shop and
looking south
from from path.
You can see the
above the
dining room
window, an
feature not
frequently found.
Garden is to left
of outhouse
where old hen
house had
been. Rhubarb
plant, lower
right, in one of
tho two patches
Bunny planted
in 1940.
The west side
of the shop
and the north
side of the
house. I'm in
the process
here of
staining the
shop exterior,
installing a
(where there
had been
none) and
staining (dark
blue) the eye-
brows over
the dining
room and
music room
I pick up little things from reading the books out here. Where did the expression "Limey" come from?
The Royal Navy solved the scurvy problem aboard ship by loading up on limes for voyages. Later on
voyagers turned to sauerkraut! Because cabbage is high in Vitamin C content, and in brine (as
sauerkraut) it keeps a very long time (probably more than a year) and long enough for the very long

Sun came out after lunch and it has been a pleasant Sunday afternoon. The seas have now begun to
calm down (it's about 4:00 pm). The action down at the ways around noon was breath-taking. Spent some
time whacking the tall grass on the north side of the house with my hand-powered weed cutter (Whew!).
Then raked it up (a good pile) and spread it over the rocks I had placed around both sides of the
northeast corner of the house (to help in keeping the rain away). Then took out the push mower and
cut, mowed where I had whacked the weeds. Looks good.
"If I have told you earthly things, and
ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if
I tell you of heavenly things?"
The Gospel According to ST. JOHN,
Chapter 3, Verse 12
"The action
down at the
ways around
noon was
Boathouse just
to the left, out of
picture. Ramp
pulled up on to
pier, float out on
long chains, and
ways covered
with sur
water and foam.
ways (boat rails)
Settled in to read a bit and listen to some of the Giants - Vikings game. Giants won 15-10. (Minnesota
had been undefeated at 4-0 and the Giants had been on the verge of being run out of town). Watched
from my roost on the sunroom couch (my, is that pleasant) as the "Lighthouse Sightseeing Plane" did
his loop around the island before heading west over Turtle in the direction of Cadillac Mtn and Bar
Harbor (the same plane that circled the island twice when I was last here working outside; tipping his
wings after I waved. happens often).

Stuart Workman's "Sightseeing & Seal Watch Boat" (also out of Bar Harbor) came around Mark once on
friday but neither yesterday nor today, given the sea conditions. What an awful season he has had
(compared to last year). Weather, weather, weather.
I'm going to see if I can help him out a bit. Probably too late this year, but I'll try to set something up for
next year, 1997 (scary thought, 1997).

Time to start thinking about what to make for dinner. I think I'll defrost the monster corned beef
tommorrow and go for corned beef & cabbage & potatos with fresh carrots from the garden (there must
be 200 still in the ground). I'll cook up a big pot of that stuff and won't have to worry about dinner for a
week; just throw in something a little different each nite (eg - mustard or ketchup or curry or chili or
tomato sauce) for variety. I'll bake a dozen or two biscuits at the same time and really be all set.

With the strong northeast wind tommorrow, it should be a good drying day, a  good day to do some of
the outside projects I want to do before I close up for the season.

Whoops. Sun's gone. Fog is here. Even with the strong NW wind tommorrow, I'll bet all the fishermen
go out. They've missed two days in a row.
"I never saw an author in my life- saving, perhaps, one- that
did not purr as audibly as a full grown domestic cat on
having his fur smoothed in the right way by a skillful hand."
   Oliver Wendell Holmes,
The Autocrat of the   Breakfast Table