All photos here,1999
1999. Vickie, "Harry", Josh, and the purported "captain". Jenny taking the photo.
"During our short meal the matter was discussed. One proposed
refusing to work, but that was mutiny and of course was rejected at
once."........"The captain is lord paramount. He stands no watch,
comes and goes when he pleases, is accountable to no one, and
must be obeyed in everything."
         Richard Dana,
Two Years Before the Mast
Hmmm! That requires a bit of thought!
Friend "L" on strike, she taking a nap on  
couch headed to the boathouse for
permanent storage
(the couch, not  L ).
Dinghy at lo tide in Winter Harbor loaded with soon to
be short-lived fruit trees for transport out to Whaler on
mooring, and thence to Mark Island.
Harry (Josh and Vickie's dog),
left, and Jenny's dog, Zeus.
Cherry tree ready for planting. Golden vols licking
their chops at the thought of those tender roots.
Outhouse (left) already needs work again.
Because the peat had washed away over many
years around all sides of the keeper's house,
exposing the foundation below ground level, I
brought out  bales of hay a few at a time, and
eventually circled the foundation with hay. To left in
photo, siding being scraped before re-staining.
Jenny talking with Bryan Gerrish who
was re-flashing the tops of the house's
windows. As we ate lunch one day, a
bald eagle flew over, not more than 20
feet above our heads, and loosed a
huge feather which floated down onto
Bryan's shoulder.
     Hay Bale
 24" x 48"
     enamel on board
wc holden iii