Body can go five days w/o water and five weeks w/o food. But, need body heat. Need a recipe for
eating boiled bark. I could stay here through the winter. Eat the bark and cut the trees - burn them in
the woodstove. Just kidding!

W. Somerset Maugham and Oscar Wilde. Two authors whose unlikely books I found here today. Two
famous writers. The two books provide me with hope. Who would have thunk it?
To wit:
(I'll continue this tommorrow)

                                                                SAT 14 SEPT  

AWOKE TO RAIN, WIND & FOG AT 4:00 a.m. Went back to sleep until 6:15. Didn't feel like getting up and
was feeling depressed. Wind and rain beginning to ease a bit.
Hurricane Hortense at approx 68 degrees W, 38 degrees N and headed north northeast. Expected to
be well offshore from here when it reaches our latitude of approx 44 degrees, 30 minutes N - which is 6
degrees, 30 minutes of latitude higher than the Hurricane's current center. That means it is (with each
degree equaling 60 nautical miles and each minute equaling one nautical mile) 6x60 = 360 + 30 = approx
390 - 400 nautical miles south of here (60 nautical miles approx = 69 land miles. 1 nautical mile = 1.15
land miles).
Same longitude of 68 degrees W, however. So why isn't it going to hit us? Because it is
moving toward the northeast or has it got something to do with the quirky issues of longitude? Don't

At any rate, the cistern under the dining room is full right to overflowing. I used the 12 volt pump for 10
minutes to pump water up into the attic tank. I then measured the drop in water level in the cistern
produced by 10 minutes of pumping with that pump. Approx 1 and 3/4 inches. Hence, using the
information I developed on Sept 11 - ie - 1" equals approximately 20 gallons of water, then 1 and 3/4 x
20 gal or 35 gallons were pumped in the 10 minutes (Sounds low to me).
Cistern under the kitchen is only about half full. It
has only one gutter drain pipe or downspout
emptying into it whereas the cistern under the
dining room has two filling it, and from a much
larger roof area.

It's about 9:15 am and there is a solitary fisherman
(lobsterman) out. He has been working his traps
between Mark and Schoodic Peninsula for about 2
hours, I believe (Can't recall exactly when I first
saw him coming out of the harbor). Several times I
thought I heard the drone of a boat's engine only
to discover that it was the sound of water running
through the downspout and leader pipe into the
cistern under the kitchen.

Let's see. Today is Saturday Sept 14. I haven't been
ashore since Wednesday Sept 4, ten days ago. No,
that can't be right. It's longer than that.
Made a salad of lettuce, shredded
carrots, cottage cheese, raisens and
Caesar salad dressing for lunch
accompanied by one of the corn
bisquits I made the other day. Followed
it up w. a P&J on a remaining roll a little
later.Spent a lazy afternoon after
spending an hour after lunch working
the Rust Convertor onto the tower
staircase. Slow, but steady progress.
Will be nice when I'm done with the
inside of the tower, but it won't be this
year. There are still leaks around the
bottom pane hold-downs. Must solve
that problem before re-install the wood
wainscotting panel sections below the
window panes, and that may take some
doing. Should have been more
thorough with the sealant when Bob
and I installed the new tower panes last
year. But, that's history. A damp, wet
tower interior over the winter is not
good for the brick and mortar, although
the iron bolts and metal and staircase
will be fine with the Rust Converter
Red, kitchen counter well pump (draws water from the cistern under kitchen) is terrific. Really moves
the water out!  And
so simple.

Got to deal w. the sewage problem. As of now, sewage pipe (taking everything from toilets and sinks)
comes out foundation on north side of house and then angles down under shop and shoots
everything into a built-up rock hole on the eastern side of the shop.
But, the rock hole is above the
high tide level. Have the flexible black pipe (in the Oil House) to extend the sewage pipe down to a
level below high tide (and then cover it with rocks). But, I haven't gotten to it yet. As is, it's a health
hazard, big time. To combat this, I use
lots of clorox here. In the toilets, in the sinks and in the wash
bowl in the kitchen. My hands perpetually smell of clorox. It's okay.

I may take a stroll down to the ways and boathouse - if the rain stops (not likely).

Garbage must go tonite. Organic stuff (food leftovers or rotted) sometimes (some things - except
stuff the seagulls will go after - eg - meat) go in the garden and empty metal cans and paper go into
the sea. No plastic or tin foil into the sea (or cigarette butts). I feel a bit badly about throwing metal
cans and paper into the sea, but not that bad. They will degrade - unlike the hypodermics and
chemical and nuclear garbage which the world tosses into the sea (of course, the nuclear waste is
encased in concrete. That
solves the problem? Of course! For this generation. Maybe. Oh, my. Can
someone spell ostrich? But, who am I to pass judgment here?)

It's a little after 6:00 pm and the rain has stopped. Wind is light. Went outside. The Eider ducks are
now on the eastern side of Mark, bobbing and diving. There now must be at least 1,000 of them, by my
rough count, extending out past the bell. What a sight in their black and white splendor.

Can now leave the door open to get some air in here w/o the rain pouring in. Feels and smeals
wonderful! (How does one spell smell? That's it!)

Rain and wind and sea abating considerably. Could actually get off the island now at high tide with my
little dinghy launched and rowed out to my 20' Eastport skiff on the mooring if I had to or wanted to
do so. But neither is the case. It is now a little after 5:00 pm. Expect some surf and rollers from
Hurricane Hortense tonite and tommorrow.
Put the chili beans and canned chili leftover from last nite back on the stove to simmer. (Chili beans
were too hard last nite).

Spent a lazy afternoon after working on the tower spiral, iron staircase. Alternately read, snoozed and
listened to the sports on WBZ radio from Boston.

Want to make a list of things that should be done before I close up this fall and things I would like to
get done. Getting things protected against the effects of weather always leads my list. Tower leaks,
foundation erosion (potentially a BIG problem but I think I put things on hold a bit this past summer
by putting 2 lolly columns on bedrock (at the bottoms) under the sagging northeast corner of the
house and two 4"x4"s on top. Far from permanent, but short term hold solution.
Need to shore up the entire northeast corner of the house with good supports right down to ledge
(or bedrock).

Would like to buy a pile of flower bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc) and plant them this fall.

Want  to finish what I started to write last nite about Somerset Maugham and Oscar Wilde and books
by them that I discovered yesterday, but will do it tommorrow.

Also want to write about my feelings regarding not being able to get off the island even if I wanted to
over the past two days.
SAT  14 SEPT 1996 continued
"Keeper's House and Shop (from Path)"
      stray paint on scrap wood
                    48"x 36"
        c1999  William C Holden, lll
(I clamped a piece of plywood to a step
ladder, set it on the path, and found I
could paint with just a flashlight and the
light from the full moon)
12 volt pump (above)
battery leads
"Hop out, Skipper,"  called Nancy loudly, so as to
be heard in spite of the noise of foaming waters.
"Hop out. Make fast to that little rowan."
  Arthur Ransome, Swallowdale