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                                                  LIGHTHOUSE DIARIES
For the fishermen and
townspeople of Winter
Harbor, Maine, and all the
lightkeepers gone.

For Bunny Richmond and
Mort Torrey, Pat and Rene'
Prud'hommeaux, Chan Noyes,
David Armstrong and Larry D.
Smith, Sr.

For Kimberly, Betsy, Jenny,  
Lily, Vanessa, Alice, Emilia,
Gregg and Bruce.

And for everyone who has
walked the path from the
boathouse to the light tower
amidst the sea of yellow and
white June daisies, the green
leather leaves of July
foxglove, the red of August
rasberries, or the signs of an
oncoming October gale; and
felt the rush of magic that is
Mark Island and the Winter
Harbor Lighthouse.
william c holden iii
          "Hearts understand in ways minds can not."
        Lois Wilson
"That so few dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of our time."
 John Stuart Mill